Everything Asian

Welcome, we are UK’s first Asian marketplace, launched in 2018. Here, at asonbuy you can buy or sell any

Asian products and services. Our goal is simple, to connect the Asian community and make it

convenient, easier and simpler for you to trade confidently and securely. 

Join us today through your desktop or mobile, it only takes a few minutes. You will be amazed with

the possibilities.


We are Global citizens, proud of our cultural heritage

and would like to extend the values and richness to everyone.

Shared cultural heritage is the one connecting factor that makes us Asians; which is the reason we wanted to bring Asonbuy to our

world, allowing our shared interest in Asian products and services. Making Asian culture more accessible for our community and for

anyone interested in exploring it; and it would be a shame for our future generations to lose their cultural values and roots.

Whether you are an individual, small or established business, with the desire to expand your horizons, reach bigger audience and

increase sales; and/or you are a customer looking for classic and the latest Asian products and services, asonbuy makes it possible. 

We take pride and care in making sure we keep asonbuy a convenient, secure and reliable place for you to confidently and contentedly

sell or shop. We strive to offer all our customers quality products at reasonable prices with exceptional customer service. 

You are not simply a number in our database. You are more than just a user buying or selling something, here at asonbuy we want you

to be a part of a growing community, building meaningful lives and better societies for all of us. 

We believe honesty and fairness is essential in building a sustainable and strong business. What makes us different from other

marketplaces which sell anything and everything, is that with convenience we want to promote a holistic and ethical way of living;

therefore we have translated certain values to our business for example not selling or promoting alcohol, tobacco, animal products etc

and would like all our sellers to respect and adhere to this policy. Therefore please kindly read this section in our terms and conditions: . In short we would like to continue being a business with a heart. 

It is simple, quick and easy to join us from your desktop or mobile. Give us a chance to serve you, and thank you for your time.