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Hello, we’re Asonbuy. Launched in 2018, we aim to provide a buy/sell service to a range of global customers. We want to make this process truly easy for everybody - and joining us through your desktop or mobile device couldn’t be simpler. We have 3 core values at the heart of our mission to deliver an honest, fair, sustainable and strong buy/sell platform. These values are as follows:

1. Serving Businesses

We are a platform that truly aims to help businesses grow online. Our mission is to be the largest customer-centric company in the global market. For this reason, we want to create a platform where people can sell and buy with ease- bringing sellers and customers closer than ever by simplifying the exchange process. This, we hope, will encourage the growth of small businesses.

Whether you’re a small and individual or large and established business, Asonbuy will help you to expand your horizons, reach a bigger audience, and increase sales. We offer quality products at a reasonable price and we take pride in our ease of communication. What’s more, we offer the utmost confidentiality and protection for businesses.

You are not just a number in a database, you are not just a user - you are part of our community, a community which builds meaningful lives and a better society for all.

2. No Selling Fees

Although we are an online marketplace, just like eBay or Amazon, we are unique in that there are no selling fees. While some eCommerce platforms centralise their own benefits and revenues more than the seller’s growth, we have built a platform specifically designed to benefit small business owners by negating admin fees, therefore increasing your overall sales revenue.

There will only be a payment processing fee which is charged by our payment gateway provider for every transaction - please refer to our seller page for more details.
In this way, we achieve our ultimate goal of making it easier and more convenient for you to trade confidently, efficiently, and securely. Our ethical, business-centred approach is unique to the market of eCommerce, and it is for this reason that we invite you to join us.

3. Values

Here at Asonbuy, we believe that honesty and fairness are key to building a sustainable business.
Our strong and integral value system incorporates a holistic and ethical attitude that permeates our interactions with both buyers and sellers. We have translated our core values into our business platform, therefore we do not promote the sale of alcohol, tobacco, animal products, etc. We kindly ask that sellers adhere to this policy, and you can read more about it here: https://asonbuy.com/terms-and-conditions#9.