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Wooden Cooking and Serving Set of 5,Versatile and Attractive

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Return Period: 3 Days | Please check store page for more details

Wooden Cooking and Serving Spoon Set of 5

Non-abrasive construction is ideal for use with non-stick ware

Ideal for daily Use In Kitchen For Cooking And On Dining Table For Serving

Care Instruction : Please wash it in boiled water before using

Multipurpose Serving and Cooking Spoon Set

Your cooking and dining experience can be greatly enhanced by using the right set of spoon sets. Handmade wooden spoon set is an ideal solution for cooking as well as serving your favourite dishes. Available in a set of 5 different spoons that can be used for serving various items such as rice, dal, sabzi and for cooking rotis, dosas, omelettes and more, this set is a great addition to your kitchen tool set.

1. Can Be Used For Cooking Curry, Sautéing Vegetables, Making Chelas, Etc. Aptly Used As A Serving Spoon For Serving Salads And Curries. It Ensures Scratch Free Cooking And Serving.
2. Scratch Free Cookware-Soft Edges Ensure Vessels Like Non Stick Ware And Delicate Glassware, Borosil, Etc Are Scratch Free.
3. Heat Resistant-As Wood Is A Bad Conductor Of Heat, The Use Of These Spatulas Ensure Burn Free Hands.
4. Long Life-As Made From Single Block Of Wood, Each Spatula Doesn’t Have Cuts And Joints And It Lasts Long.
5. Beautiful, Sturdy And Hand Carved. Non Reactive On Food. Ergonomic Design For Easy And Comfortable Grip While Using It.

Made from High Quality Material, Ideal for Daily Use
Constructed using high quality wood, it does not leech harmful chemicals into your food. Also, its non-abrasive wooden construction makes it ideal for use with non-stick cooking utensils unlike metal-based spoons.

Elegant and Ergonomic Design, Easy to Maintain
Furthermore, the ergonomic design of these spoons makes them easy to use and handle for daily purposes. Due to their sturdy construction, cleaning these spoons is a fairly easy task. Wash the set in boiled water before its first time use and use a simple liquid detergent solution to wash it after every subsequent use.
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