Ayurvedic Pain Releif Oil and Tooth Powder Combo ( Sugar Free & Bone Free )

Ayurvedic Pain Releif Oil and Tooth Powder Combo ( Sugar Free & Bone Free )

Organic Shikakai Powder ( For hair )

Organic Shikakai Powder ( For hair )

Woods and Petals Handmade Ayurvedic Panchgavya Ubtan I Body Scrub

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Woods and Petals

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Woods and Petals Handmade Ayurvedic Panchgavya Ubtan I Body Scrub ( Kanti Lepana ) I Skin Detox I Anti Aging

Natural and chemical free body pack & scrub.

Ancient Vedic culture has given great importance to the INDIGENOUS COW . The bounties that the cow imparts to mankind is manifold. Panchgavya in ayurveda means the five elements of cow like COWS MILK , GHEE , GOMAYE EXTRACT , CURD etc. These products have nourished and healed since generations .

NEEM LEAVES : Have been an integral part of ayurveda for the benefits associated with it . It is an antibacterial , anti fungal and anti inflammatory herb. Rarely is there a herb with so many benefits. Known to clear acne and pigmentation marks bringing glow to your skin. Neem has regenerative properties that reduce the signs of aging

WILD TURMERIC or AMBE HALDI - Has anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties . It does not give a yellow tinge to your skin. Slows down the aging process of skin by preventing fine lines and wrinkles. It is a natural antiseptic and helps fight bacterial and fungal infection on skin. Ambe haldi is a natural bleach which lights pigmentation marks on the skin. 

GOMAYE or COW EXTRACT : Has anti bacterial and skin cleansing properties . Its use has not been unknown in our ancient texts for reducing skin infection and improve blood circulation . 

GRAMFLOUR : Has been used since ancient times in beauty rituals. It contains the mineral zinc that helps fight acne. Is an effective cleanser and natural exfoliator. 

RAI or YELLOW MUSTARD : It hydrates your skin while exfoliating. Sulphur content in mustard wards off skin infections. While anti oxidants work as anti aging agents. 

GERU - Known in ayurveda as a medicinal mineral. Has astringent properties , useful in skin infections and irritations. 

REETHA or SOAP NUT - Works as a natural moisturizer while cleansing your skin, thus making it soft and supple. Lightens and evens skin tone.

In buying this product you help us protect the indigenous cow breed by bringing in value addition to its existence. Thoughtfully packed in bio degradable zip lock pouches to help you contribute towards a sustainable environment . You also help sustain the marginalized farmer who strive hard to grow chemical free products. Easy to store and can be tucked into your travel bag while you are travelling for work or pleasure.

This product has been blended , packed and labelled by a small group of village women in INDIA.

Reduce Carbon foot print . Use natural products and help save the Earth.
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